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Generate leads from DAY 1. Lease a live premium
website built by a designer and marketed by an SEO
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Animadomus is a high end furniture company in Miami, Florida. They specialize in custom Murphy Beds so they “took the Pill” and now are generating leads specific to people looking for Murphy Beds.

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Miami Dutch is a wholesale floral company in Miami, Florida. They “took the Pill” and now are dominating the keyword “wholesale flowers Miami” which is being searched by 1,000 people every month!

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Elaine Simon is a Family Lawyer in Jupiter, Florida. She “took the pill” in 2012 to help brand herself as the exclusive “Jupiter Family Lawyer” – “My business has seen incredible results as a result of Website Pill.”

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Break Free from the Online Clutter. Lease a website

When the internet is swarming with websites at every click, how do you ensure that people select your e-business over the others in the crowd? It’s simple. Just take the Pill!

The Website Pill offers convenient website leasing: a simple and easy solution to all your e-business needs. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new website that gets lost in the online potpourri. Don’t settle for standard designs and boring layouts. Lease a website built specially for you by design and SEO experts. Generate leads from Day 1.

The Pill helps you rent a website that catalyzes your success in three steps:

  • Step 1: We understand your business and industry.
  • Step 2: We design a premium website that attracts visitors.
  • Step 3: You convert all the incoming web leads to customers!

The website rental services of the Website Pill mobilize your business with the most unique website customized for you by a team of expert designers. Moreover, the Pill will also take care of website marketing with professional SEO practices. The combined website leasing package will ensure that customers are able to find your website easily on the internet and also have a good site experience. All you have to do is reap the maximum benefits from your business.