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Who Are We?
Traditionally, you buy a domain, hire a website developer and then pay a company to “host” your website. After spending (on average) anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for this, you now have a live website. Most likely, the name of your domain address is your company name (i.e.

Next comes marketing your new website. To get traffic to your website, you will need to hire an experienced SEO company. This SEO service can cost (on average) $20,000 per year. Most small businesses do not have a budget like this. So what happens if you skip SEO? Your new website might look good, but it gets no traffic.

This is the reason why I created Website Pill. Let me explain how Website Pill works.

First, you tell us about your business ( Once you give us the information about your business, our research begins. We find out exactly how your prospects search for you on Google (i.e. keywords). Then we secure the very best (and most searched) domain address. We have different designs for you to choose from so once you’ve selected your design, we will customize the design you choose to reflect your contact information. We also give you full access so that you can easily add or edit the content. Now you have a great website with a great domain (one that will generate leads). But it doesn’t stop here. Next we begin our monthly SEO service for your new site. This SEO will get your website on page 1 with multiple keyword searches. Every month, we email you analytics to show the traffic you are getting each month. The best part of all this, you only pay $99 per month for all of this. You have the option of doing a 1 or 2 year lease. All of our leases have the “option” to buy at the end of the lease

How it works?
Affiliates get a set commission for every sale that is made through their site. All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your site and when a customer clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission. We offer free tracking tools, notification of specials/sales, free coupons and more for our affiliates.

Our commission rate is $99 per sale with a cookie duration of 90 days! That means, you get a commission on any purchase made within those 90 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site! The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale! It’s that simple.

We take care of the tracking portion through our third party online network, Shareasale. The network tracks sales, earnings and commissions and give affiliates access to our banners, text links and/or datafeeds. We also have created several unique tools that allows our affiliates to better monetize their traffic such as Contact us at for more details and a full list of our available tools.

Dedicated Management
The affiliate program is managed by industry leader and 2013 Pinnacle Awards Affiliate Manager of the Year winner – and we are here to help! We eat, sleep, and breath affiliate marketing, so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you feel will assist you in making money with us. The most likely outcome would be that we have heard the question before and can provide you with the best answer and/or solution to move forward and start receiving checks immediately.

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