First impression is everything. Let’s face it, we live in a world where people make judgments in a matter of seconds based on how something looks. Our first interpretation of the value of products, businesses, and people is based on what we see, and only as we spend time to learn more do we develop a more well-rounded opinion.

At Website Pill we know the value of appearance, and we believe that designing websites is a unique process for each individual client. The Internet is full of premade websites, outdated layouts and, quite frankly, boring design. But here at Website Pill, we are not just building websites; we are dedicated to building you an online presence and a virtual identity. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all structure and forcing our clients to squeeze their ideas into our outline, we design websites to fit the needs and personality of each individual client.

The average adult spends over five hours online every day, whether on their smart phone, tablet, or computer. A recent study showed that in 2013 the average time people spent online surpassed time spent watching television, reading newspapers or magazines, or listening to the radio. This means that more and more, people are relying on the Internet for information, entertainment and news. Before deciding where to eat, what car to buy, or who to turn to for legal advice, most people conduct an Internet search. If a company does not exist online, they may lose out to an entire group of customers or clients, or if their online presence is outdated or neglected, the impact could mean loss of business no matter how great the product is that they offer.

At Website Pill we spend the time to know and understand your business. We study your industry. We plan and strategize the best approach for each individual client, and we work hard to bring you an innovative and personal design. The most important thing for you to know is that we are here for you from start-to-finish. We do not outsource design to a foreign company, or turnover cookie-cutter sites to speed through the design process. Instead, our team of designers plans and creates a website based on your needs and the needs of your company. From multi-million dollar corporations to mom-and-pop shops, we are dedicated and excited to help create a website you can be proud of. One that is beautiful, functional, and beneficial to you and will propel your business to the next level.